Victim of criminal identity theft takes city to federal court to clear his name

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 11, 2015) - An Indianapolis man is working to clear his name and he's even taking the City of Indianapolis to federal court to do it.

Wesley Taylor says his wallet was stolen in 2008 and shortly after that, a nightmare began.

He was arrested, denied bail, lost a job, was forced to take only temporary positions and was even labeled a murderer.

Taylor says his wallet was taken and his identity was used by Timothy Ware. Taylor claims Ware was using his name and social security number and was committing crimes along the way.

Taylor insists he has no criminal history, but criminal records say he does. He has cleared some of those false charges on his record, but other remain.

Now he says he’s been forced to hire an attorney to have his record exonerated.

“It’s bogus they know it’s not me. I don’t see any reason why my name is not cleared,” said Taylor.

“This is what can happen to you. It’s not just about your credit, it’s your livelihood, it’s your personal life, it’s your income, everything in the world,” said Taylor's attorney Andrea Ciabanu.

Timothy Ware was convicted of murder in 2011 and is currently serving a 55-year sentence.

Wesley Taylor is suing the city for defamation and violation of his constitutional rights.

Taylor has had a steady job for about a year now and is working on an X-ray technology degree.

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