“Your Town Friday” travels to Lapel in Madison County!

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (Sept. 11, 2015)-- This morning, "Your Town Friday" is heading to Lapel!  You`ll find the Madison County town 30 miles northeast of downtown Indy!  The town may be small, but it’s super sweet!

"All wedding cakes; I do custom cakes too, but my focus is mainly on wedding cakes," said Kelby Scott, owner of A Slice of Heaven Cakery.

Scott has been working with newlyweds for the last 14 years.  Everything at “A Slice of Heaven Cakery” is made to order, from scratch.

"What's really popular right now is getting a 2-tiered cake and getting cupcakes.  Cupcakes are big again and also the cake balls.  In rustic type things they’ll get a small two-tiered cake and serve their guests with something they can just grab," said Kelcy.

Scott says the cake balls are a big hit for any kind of event…and they are delicious!

"It's actually my cake and I squish it into a ball and dip it in chocolate.  We do weddings, graduations, birthdays and sometimes I'll decorate them, like I did these little ninja turtles, and at weddings, they're huge right now.  The flavors?  Well our most popular flavor is the white almond, hands down, that’s what they ask for.  Dark chocolate fudge, that’s number 2 and with the cake balls, the red velvet is a big seller!" said Kelcy.

You’ll find more sweetness just a short distance from downtown….at Lapel’s Ice Cream Plus!  Trefin Luker and her husband Tim took over the business just this past spring.

"We've just really enjoyed being in the community and seeing how we can be part of it.  We see this as a great opportunity to not only serve ice cream and have fun, but we’ve been able to get to know people and we’ve been able to do some fundraisers, like for the band and the baseball team.  It's been a lot of fun!" said Trefin.

They make a variety of food items, but they specialize in all things ice cream!

"Our most popular has been the 'funky chicken sundae'….it's butterscotch and caramel and chic-o-stick candy, if you remember that!  It's been a lot of fun and we have a t-shirt for it now.  We have shakes, all kinds of different ones.  Our most popular is the chocolate and then we also have a chocolate cherry shake that’s gone over really well.  We have flurries, which is your opportunity to mix in different candies and flavors so you can have a big ice cream explosion.  We have a great crew!  A lot of the high school kids work for us.  It's real friendly and we all have a good time.  It’s the personal touch.  If it's on the menu and you want it, we can concoct it for you," said Trefin.

Ice Cream Plus is already planning to do a winter wonderland at their shop.  They are going to open a few days before and after Christmas to decorate, serve hot chocolate floats and egg nog punches!

Right along Main Street is this really cool rustic furniture shop where you can do some shopping but also see the items being made!

"I make rustic furniture.  I started out just making benches and loveseats and stuff like that, but I've graduated into more recycled fabric, birch bark and leather. I make accessories so not just big pieces but small pieces too," said Greg Adams, owner of Willow by Greg Adams.

For the last 32 years Greg Adams has been making all kinds of neat furniture.  Inside of his 'Willow by Greg Adams' shop along Main Street in Lapel, you can watch him hard at work and you can see his beautiful finished pieces.

"People like both because they very rarely get to see things being built.  It's like - don’t go past this line.  Usually it's made in some other place, but I make everything right here, so when I make something and finish it, I take it over there and it separates it a little bit and people like the idea of that," said Greg.

In Greg's work space, he collects many different kinds of material.

"A lot of material I find just going out in the country and looking for willow.  It grows in the wild and I find farmers that have it around their fields or along ponds or something, I also work with curly willow, pussy willows, bittersweet, anything natural, I like natural stuff," said Greg.

Greg will also do custom work and if you're not within driving distance, he will ship items to you.

"Well, here's an idea that I just got.  This is some wood that was from some people's home where their grandparents lived.  They cut the trees down because they were dead and the wood has been finished and I'm going to make a large harvest table out of it," said Greg.