IN Focus: Mayoral candidates talk crime after violent week in Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 13, 2015) - The issue of public safety was again front and center Thursday night as the candidates for Indianapolis mayor took questions from voters- just hours after an Indiana state trooper was shot on the city’s northwest side.

“Our core responsibility as a city is to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe, and the people that visit us on a daily and weekly basis are safe as well,” said Republican candidate Chuck Brewer. “We have to be vigilant in the fight against crime.”

Brewer and Hogsett have each proposed adding 150 police officers.

“Adding 150 officers doesn’t mean more arrests,” said Hogsett. “You add 150 officers so IMPD is able to meaningfully go out and in the community in a neighborhood based approach… if we’re going to solve the crime problem, we need to keep our kids out of the criminal justice system.”

Hogsett also unveiled a new initiative Thursday, focusing on Indianapolis neighborhoods, with a plan to use abandoned city buildings to open 'mini city halls' in several local neighborhoods, moving some resources from the city-county building Downtown into the city's neighborhoods.

Hogsett and Brewer spoke one-on-one with FOX59 after Thursday night's forum. Watch the video below to see what they said about crime and communities.