Built-in bra procedure aims to help women stay perky longer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 16, 2015)-- Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Meridian Plastic Surgeons says he's performing a game changing procedure. One that allows women to ditch their bra, if they'd like.

"Saw another patient too who said I haven't worn a bra since surgery," he said.

It's called GalaFLEX. The mesh material is the latest addition to breast lift techniques. While lift or reduction procedures go south after a little while the GalaFLEX is keeping women perky, longer.

"We put in the mesh material at the time we're doing the breast lift...Tightening that skin brassiere. Tricks the body into making the collagen and then after the mesh disappears you've got this little internal sling or almost like an internal bra," said Dr. Van Natta.

The mesh dissolves in 12-18 months. Dr. Van Natta has been performing this procedure for more about two years. It started as a study to get data to see if the mesh works--after installing the GalaFLEX on more than a hundred women the procedure seems to be defying gravity.

"So the patients love the results. We're able to give them this more youthful appearance to the breast no matter what the procedure is lift or reduction and the results appear to be long lasting," said Dr. Van Natta.

Dr. Van Natta says with basic breast lifts or reductions many patients are disappointed after the breast settle and drop. But now he says these women are satisfied and feel liberated.

"A couple of years ago I just said ma'am I'm a physician not a magician I'll lift them up but you're going to need to wear a bra. But now I look at her and say you let me use this and you're not going to have to wear a bra."

The GalaFLEX is FDA approved. It costs about $1,000 in addition to your cosmetic procedure.