Burglar breaks into near east side home, steals pit bull puppy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 16, 2015)— An Indianapolis couple continues to search for their pit bull puppy, after it was taken from their house during a burglary.

lost pit bull puppyAccording to the police report, a burglar broke into the residence on North Gray Street on the near east side of Indianapolis on the night of Sept. 7. When the owners, Amanda Miller and Joshua Cook, returned home, they found their pit bull puppy, Furia, missing from her cage.

Police believe the burglar entered the house through a window.

Miller says the puppy was a gift to their three daughters. She says the puppy has distinctive marks.

“Her lower eye lids have small grayish spots in the same spot on both eye lids and a black spot on the right side of her neck that is almost a heart shape,” Miller wrote in a letter to FOX59.

If you have any information regarding Furia’s whereabouts, please call 317-418-1008.