Investigation continues into local nursing home company CEO

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 16 2015) -- The federal investigation continues into a local nursing home company CEO and for the first time the company at the center of the case broke their silence.

On Tuesday, federal agents raided a dozen locations in central Indiana -- including the corporate headquarters of American Senior Communities.

Investigators also raided the Carmel home of company CEO James Burkhart.

ASC manages more than 90 nursing homes and rehab centers caring for thousands of Hoosiers every day.

“They got me back on my feet, so what can I say but thanks,” said Charles Brown.

Charles has been a patient at the ASC run Eagle Valley Meadows for several months, rehabbing after having his foot amputated.

He says the facility took good care of him.

“I’d give em a 95 percent,” said Brown. “I’m walking. I can’t complain.”

Charles is disappointed to hear federal law enforcement officers raided the company’s corporate headquarters along with an upscale Carmel home as part of an FBI investigation into Burkhart.

Sources tell FOX59 the investigation involves possible fraud of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

“The fraud can get very big, very quickly because there’s such an ability to bill for services and try to get paid when you shouldn’t be,” said healthcare fraud expert Steven Pratt.

Pratt says we likely won’t know the results of the government raid for some time.

“There is a lot of criminal fraud occurring and the government has become much more aggressive in prosecuting it, as they should, but it’s also enormously complicated,” said Pratt.

The day after the raid, ASC put out a statement that read:

“American Senior Communities’ most important priority is to continue to provide excellent care to our patients and residents. ASC has been contacted by the federal government in connection with an investigation into certain individuals or practices. ASC is fully cooperating with the government and is conducting its own review to ascertain the relevant facts. ASC is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations and will continue to conduct its business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity.”

Patients like Charles say if crimes were committed, those responsible should be brought to justice.

“I think that something should be done about it because the government is going through enough than to have someone stealing from them,” said Brown.

Investigators with multiple agencies, including the FBI, states attorney general’s office and the U.S. attorney’s office refused to talk about the investigation on camera.