Google Express shopping delivery service comes to central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 24, 2015) -- Shopping for thousands of items just got a lot easier in central Indiana. If you don’t want to go to the store, your items can come to you.

The brand new service started this month. It’s called Google Express. Not surprising, it’s from the mega search engine company Google.

“Google Express is our shopping and delivery platform. What we do is we help bring merchants and users together. We've just launched in the Midwest an overnight delivery service,” said Brian Elliott, Google Express General Manager.

So how much does it cost? The delivery is $4.99 per order from each store as long as it's over $15. Or you can actually get a yearly membership.

The membership is $95 a year, which breaks down to less than $8 a month. There's also a free three-month trial membership to see if you like it or not.

Customers can even end their free trial at any time during the trial period without penalty. And it's not just about getting the best deals, but the convenience.

“When I go to the store I get bombarded by people wanting to help me. They ask me about 50 questions that I don't really want to answer, so going to the store is often a hassle,” says frequent online shopper Cheryl Sumners.

It’s easy to use the Google Express. Simply go online to or use the Google Express App.

The list of participating stores is growing. Right now, there are 16 major ones including Costco, Pet Smart, Barnes and Noble, Ulta, Walgreens, Staples and Toys R Us.

“Doing anything to save money is great. This service could save me on time and gas money by not having to go to the store for everything,” said Sumners.

Where ever you live, it's easy to use, with the app or the website. You put in your delivery address to the website, and you’ll discover which merchants are participating.