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Hoosier Lottery giving away $5 million LIVE on FOX59!

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(September 24, 2015) – The Hoosier Lottery is giving away $5 million on live TV Friday.  Tune in to FOX59 Sept. 25 at 9:55 a.m. EDT to watch one lucky winner experience a life-changing event!

The $5 million winner will be selected from five lucky finalists who entered their non-winning Indiana’s $5 Million Club Scratch-off tickets into the Hoosier Lottery’s mylottery second-chance promotion. The five finalists in the running for the $5 million grand prize are Sherry Neeley of Muncie, Bill McGathey Jr. of RichmondAntonia Mascari of Greenwood, Jim Byroad of Beech Grove  and Mark Schmaltz of Cicero.

The five lucky finalists were notified in early August they had been randomly selected for the $5 million second-chance drawing. Friday’s grand prize drawing is the culmination of Indiana’s $5 Million Club promotion that has been running since 2011. Each finalist has a one-in-five shot of winning $5 million! Who will it be?

Sherry Neeleycrop September could be a month to remember for Sherry Neeley of Muncie. Neeley won her spot in the drawing by entering her non-winning Indiana’s $5 Million Club Scratch-off tickets into the mylottery second chance promotion online at hoosierlottery.com. If she wins the money, Neeley plans to pay off her mortgage and fix up her house. She is also thrilled at the prospect of saving for retirement. Neeley owns her own business, an electrical company, and enjoys camping and NASCAR.  She has three children and a two-year-old grandchild and says she is both excited and nervous for the big event.

WilliamMcGatheyJr.300jpgBill McGathey Jr. of Richmond is a firefighter, father of four and grandfather of two. “It’s nice to know that I have a 20 percent chance of life getting way less difficult,” said McGathey. “I also know 100 percent of everything happens for a purpose.” If he wins, the firefighter says the first thing he’s going to do is thank God and kiss his wife, Joni.  Then he’ll pay off all his debt, add a huge chunk to his retirement and focus on “learning to manage that kind of money.” Even if he doesn’t walk away with the $5 million, McGathey is a 15-year veteran of the Richmond Fire Department and every year, $30 million of Hoosier Lottery profits support local police and firefighters pensions. “You guys already help us,” said McGathey.

MascariCROPAntonia Mascari of Greenwood comes from a big Italian family and works in marketing in the produce industry. She says winning $5 million “would be a dream come true, to not only help myself financially but to share with my family.” Her dream very well could come true. Someone is going to win the money live on TV! “I’m so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Mascari. “For many years I’ve dreamed and tried to hit the Daily 3 or Daily 4. To be a fan of FOX59 and the Hoosier Lottery and to have this opportunity is simply amazing!”  If she walks away with the money Friday morning, the young lady plans to buy a house and set up an education fund for her two nieces.

James Byroad300

Jim Byroad of Beech Grove is excited now, but expects he will be nervous the day of the drawing. The semi-retired handyman says the prospect of winning $5 million is “overwhelming” and the idea that he actually has a one-in-five shot at the money is “unbelievable.” If the cash is his, Byroad plans to pay off his son and  daughter’s student loans, make some charitable donations and save the rest for retirement. The Marion County man has one grandson and enjoys sports and working out. Byroad’s neighbor and family friend, Sam Merl, will be representing him on TV at the drawing Sept. 25 as his proxy. The hopeful multi-millionaire will be out of town attending his son’s wedding in Las Vegas.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf he wins $5 million, Mark Schmaltz of Cicero has his sights set on a mortgage-free life, a swimming pool and island vacation for his wife, Tammy. Schmaltz says it feels “pretty amazing” and he feels “pretty lucky” to have a one-in-five shot at $5 million. As the drawing day approaches, Mark admits he is a “little on edge but thinking positive thoughts!”  Mark works in sales and has two grandchildren, Mya and Mason. He enjoys ATVs and off-road vehicles and is a huge animal lover.