IMPD identifies officer involved in fatal crash

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 25th 2015) -- An IMPD officer is under investigation following a deadly car crash.

Police say one of their off-duty officers hit and killed a man overnight while driving on Southport Road and following the crash the officer showed signs of intoxication.

The officer is identified at Bernando Zavalas.

He has been placed on leave and his police powers have been suspended.

Police say it started with a 911 call about a man wearing dark clothes walking in the middle of the road and not getting out of the way of traffic.

Just 4 minutes later, an off-duty IMPD officer called dispatch to report he had hit the pedestrian and began trying to save the mans life.

“Our first officer arrived within minutes of that dispatch coming out and the officer was already trying to render aid to the individual that he stuck,” said IMPD Lt. Richard Riddle.

Despite those efforts, the victim died on the scene.

Because the officer was driving a marked squad car at the time of the crash, a police supervisor showed up and smelled alcohol on the off-duty officer’s breath.

After the crash the officer remained on scene for a few hours before having blood drawn at Eskenazi hospital.

State law allows a maximum of three hours from the time of the crash to conduct a DUI investigation and draw a suspect’s blood.

Police guarantee they will treat this case and their officer the exact same as anyone else.

“A number of checks and balances go into place to ensure that our investigation is exactly by the policy and by the books and to ensure the public confidence,” said Riddle.

The Marion County Prosecutors office will also be involved to determine if any criminal charges should be filed.