‘Your Town Friday’ travels to Atlanta, Indiana!

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ATLANTA, Ind. (Sept. 25, 2015) -- This morning "Your Town Friday” is in Atlanta, Indiana!  You’ll find the Hamilton County town 35 miles north of downtown Indy.  If you love homemade Italian food, and who doesn’t, you'll have to travel to Atlanta to say Buon Appetito!

Kay DeLullo is the owner of DeLullo’s Trattoria along Main Street in Atlanta.

“It’s just good hearty Italian food!  We do salads, antipasto salads, we have our house bread which is a garlic cream cheese bread and it’s pretty different, we hand roll our bread sticks and we hand roll our pizza dough,” she said.

Kay opened DeLullo’s with some friends about two and a half years ago.

“It’s a destination spot.  We’re out on Main Street and when you look out on Main Street there’s no traffic so you have to know I’m here.  We do a lot of catering, weddings, birthdays, a lot of regular customers come in and we know them by name and by what they order."

DeLullo's prides themselves on homemade Italian cuisine and fresh ingredients.

“During the growing season I grow a lot of organic vegetables on my horse farm like tomatoes, basil, oregano, rosemary, corn, beans, squash and we try to incorporate those items into specials.  Then I get some from local farmers markets too.  We sell a lot of pasta, meat and pastas you can make on your own.  The staff can suggest pasta options as well as pizzas,” Kay said.

And they serve homemade desserts like cheesecake, peanut butter pie and parfaits!

“We’re not a low end range, we’re not a high end, we’re right in the middle.  Our prices are reasonable, the food is amazing, it’s good to come out and spend time with your family and friends here."

If you like sweets, you need to check out Lisa's Pie Shop.  She features over 30 different flavors of pie along with other delicious sweets!

"I heard from God to try pies and I thought at first, 'Oh no, this cannot be right.'  I tried pie and here I am 28 years later, and we’ve been very successful," said owner Lisa Sparks.

Lisa has been running the pie shop for almost three decades, but what's funny is she doesn't even like pie!

"I still don't like pie and actually the ribbons you see, the national ones, it’s the customers that help me win," she said.

At Lisa's Pie Shop you'll find a variety of flavors and many award winning creations.

"We feature 30 different kinds.  Some are special order, like the nutter butter.  We’ve won nationally on some of the ones we carry in the case like apple, cherry, peach, black raspberry, blueberry, they have all won nationally and if they haven't won nationally, like the strawberry rhubarb or the Dutch apple, they’ve won state.  I don’t think there are any pies we carry that haven’t won some kind of award," said Lisa.

So what does it take to get all of those pies ready?

"My morning starts about 3 or 4 a.m. every morning.  We don’t keep a pie more than 24 hours, so every morning we're baking everything from scratch, we're starting from scratch, and we may make, depends on the day, we may make 100 pies a day or 200," said Lisa.

Lisa says she sees about 35 to 40 new customers every week and many of them are from out of state.

"Probably on any given week, we probably have at least anywhere between five to ten states represented.  People come out of state to get our pies and if not our pies, our pies in a jar."

Lisa says there's a lot of love baked into her pies along with the best ingredients and a whole lot of fruit.  She also sells cookies, cinnamon rolls, breads, cakes, chicken pot pies and quiches!  She takes cash or check only.