Searching for Indy’s ‘most wanted’ in Hendricks County

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (Sep. 28,2015)-- FOX59 went along for the ride as the Hendricks County Sheriff's Office hit the road in search of several fugitives on the run.

The first target was Chad Fiscus. He is wanted on a probation violation on an original charge of OWI.  Court documents reveal that Fiscus did not comply with his court ordered probation.

Corporal Charles Tyree is a nine-year veteran and knows just about every inch of the county.

Tyree knocked on the door of a previously known address for Fiscus. Although Fiscus doesn't come to the door, a backpack is thrown out the window.

Inside the bag, Tyree find several syringes, a burnt spoon used for heroin, scales, electronics and a bag with what appears to be heroin residue.

"It is a big problem here in Hendricks County and we are doing everything we can to stop it," said Tyree.

The bag allegedly belonged to Darrell Skinner, 32, who was arrested and booked into the Hendricks County Jail.

Along with serving warrants, Tyree and the other members of the department are heavily involved in the daily dispatch runs.

Tyree later responded to an assault that required medical assistance, routine traffic stops and also assisted the United Drug Task Force with an ongoing operation.

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