Hamilton County road closure causing delays and confusion for drivers

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CARMEL, Ind. (Sept. 28, 2015) – Drivers are not surprised to hear there is yet another road closure in Hamilton County that will cause long delays and traffic jams. INDOT will work throughout Sunday night to shut down the heavily traveled intersection at 116th and Pennsylvania in Carmel, for two months. The area is a major business hub in Carmel, just off US 31.

“It is kind of a necessary evil. We have all really benefited from roundabouts here in Carmel,” says driver Ted Werner.

This is just the latest in months of major construction along US 31, the largest construction project ever in Hamilton County. Now, for 60 days 116th Street and Pennsylvania will be blocked off while the roundabout is built. Detours will be set up and posted around the intersection, but no matter what, INDOT is predicting major delays.

“It is frustrating because we know that it is going to be years before a lot of the 31 project is complete,” says driver Adam Meentz.

Nearby IU Health North Hospital has been notifying patients of the closures and has a plan in place for detour routes. Hospital staff, patients, emergency responders, and ambulances will be effected by the construction.

Drivers say they will get up early to prepare for the long commute.

“This will become the new norm until it is finished. So, I suggest drivers prepare and take an early approach. Don’t chance it,” says Meentz.

The good news is that INDOT expects most of the entire US 31 project to be completed by the end of the year.

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