Elderly couple says handyman scammed them out of thousands, didn’t finish the job

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 29, 2015)-- A self-proclaimed handyman is being called out after a couple says he started a job at their home but didn't come back after he got paid. FOX59 tracked the man down to get his side of the story and answers for that elderly couple.

From trash left behind to incomplete work, Johnny Freije feels like he was duped.

"And like a fool I guess I am, I paid the man and I haven't seen him since," said Freije.

Freije says a man showed up at his door asking if he needed his driveway done. Ted Davis with "Davis Coat" came back and performed the service. The couple says it's been a week since they last saw him and the job isn't complete.  However, they already paid him $2,200 and all they have to show for that is a handwritten receipt on lined paper.

"He didn't finish. He still got holes in the back that he needs to fill and recoat the patio in the back and he's got also fill in in the front and get stripes in the sidewalk," said Freije.

Ted Davis left a business card. We gave him a call. After identifying myself he hung up--but quickly called back to say he'd been in a car accident that hindered him from working. I asked him why there was no contract and only this receipt Frieje wrote on a piece of paper.

"I don't have a business ma'am I do a handy man service. Just trying to make an honest living and he paid my bills. If that's some kind of crime most of America should be locked up for that then," Davis said.

The Better Business Bureau says that should have been a red flag and a prime example why you should be skeptical of people who just show up at your door. They also say elderly people are a target for phone and door-to-door solicitors because they're always home to pick up the phone or answer the door.

"If you get some type of unsolicited offer to do work check that business out. You can go to bbb.org check them out, check them out with other people, check their references," said Time Maniscalo, president of the Central Indiana Better Business Bureau.

Freije just wants the job done or his money back.

"He was a nice young man. And I don't have any malice toward him I just wish he had some sense maybe he would be better off," he said.

Davis says he will return this weekend to complete the job and pick up the trash left behind.