Police: Man attached jumper cables to teen’s ears, shocked him repeatedly

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WICHITA, Kan. (September 29, 2015) — A 58-year-old Wichita man was arrested after police say he tortured a 15-year-old boy by attaching jumper cables to his ears and shocking him.

According to KWCH, the boy was walking early Sunday near his home when someone placed a gun at his back.

KWCH obtained security video from a neighbor’s home that shows the suspect, later identified as Robert McDowell, walking down an alley with the teen.

McDowell took the teen to a garage and tied him to a trailer hitch. He then attached jumper cables to the teen’s ears and shocked him repeatedly. The teen says the man told him he was trying to find out who stole his wallet, and McDowell thought the teen knew who was responsible.

McDowell eventually released the boy, who ran home and told his dad what happened.

His father took him to a hospital to be checked out.

Police arrested McDowell, and he faces charges of aggravated battery and kidnapping. He is currently being held in the Sedgwick County Jail without bond.