UPDATE: 9-year-old boy at center of Amber Alert safely located, suspect in custody

Renovations continue after arsonist strikes home where four people were murdered

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 29, 2015) - An arsonist won't stop plans to rehab a home where four people were murdered in March. The home was undergoing renovations to turn it into a neighborhood center when someone set it on fire.

Police have not made any arrests in the quadruple homicide that rocked the community and now investigators are wondering why someone would want to start a fire at the home.

“Oh yeah it’s very suspicious, why would somebody do that? We don’t know if it’s related to the homicide or what’s going on with that," said IMPD Homicide Detective Marcus Kennedy.

The fire was set sometime during the early morning hours of September 4. Police believe someone pour a flammable liquid like gasoline around the home to help fuel the flames. It destroyed some building supplies being stored in the home like doors, windows and flooring.

Work has been taking place at the home since the middle of summer. An organization called "Be More Positive" previously announced efforts to turn the home into a neighborhood center. Organizer Larry Veal calls the fire a setback but he's not discouraged.

“I know that this is meant to be so when I saw that there’s still something to work with we’re going to work with everything we can work with to make this happen," said Larry Veal with Be More Positive.

Detective Kennedy says the case is puzzling. Police have received few tips despite efforts to put out Crime Stoppers posters. Detectives have also visited jails in hopes of finding out more information.

“Just keep plugging away, I mean somebody has got to know something and you just gotta get to that one person that will tell you something," said Detective Kennedy.