Funeral director accused of stealing ring from body

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WINCHESTER, Ind, (Sept. 30, 2015) - Well-known Winchester funeral director Greg Thayer has been formally charged after allegedly stealing a wedding ring from a man’s body moments after his graveside funeral.

According to court documents, Thayer, 64, traveled 25 miles away to Richmond and pawned the ring for $75 just hours after the funeral service.

Crystal Dodd contracted Thayer Funeral Home in Winchester to handle her husband’s burial at Fountain Park Cemetery.

Dodd wanted her husband to be buried with his wedding ring.

Indiana State Police investigators were given a tip about the possible crime. When Thayer was confronted, he admitted to taking the ring.

The Randolph County Prosecutor said his office will pursue this sad and unusual case.

“In 27 years I’ve been prosecuting, I don’t know that I’ve come across a situation like this. This is a first for me,” said Prosecutor David Daly.

Thayer says he’s never done this before and that he also offered to buy the ring back to make the situation go away according to court documents. He is due in court December 3.

The Attorney General’s Office has been notified of the theft charge.

It would take a court order to return the ring to Dodd’s husband.

“I think we are all particularly vulnerable at a time like this," said Daly. "We go to service providers, we put our trust in them, we expect and hope and trust they are going to do the right thing.”

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