Greenfield installs free outside workout equipment to fight obesity

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GREENFIELD, Ind. (Sept. 30, 2015)-- Brand new exercise equipment is now part of the scenery at the Pennsy Trail in Greenfield.

“It is free. It is outdoors and you just have to get out of your car and walk here to use it,” said City of Greenfield Parks Superintendent Ellen Kuker.

The outdoor workout facility gives locals a chance to exercise and strengthen their bodies for free. The City of Greenfield partnered with Hancock Regional Hospital to offer the wellness opportunity called Healthy Strides. The equipment includes an abdominal bench and a chest press that doubles as a lateral pull down machine. There will also be another exercise machine coming soon.

“The trail itself is a good way to get people moving around and then the workout equipment just adds to it,” said Greenfield resident Jonathon Davis.

The installation of the workout equipment comes after a survey from the State Health Department that found 30 percent of adults in Hancock County were obese. City leaders hope the program can help change that.

“Sometimes there are barriers to people getting healthy, and this takes away one of those barriers,” said Kuker.

The project cost is around $2,500 but was funded through grants and fundraisers. Officials belive residents can lower their health costs and attract new businesses to the area if they have a healthy work force.

“I think that it is just going to take people a while to get used to strength equipment outdoors. It is definitely a new concept for our community,” said Kuker.

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