Medical Thermography center opens in Fishers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 30th, 2015) — With Breast Cancer Awareness month right around the corner, one local doctor wants to get the word out about an early detection tool.

“Medical Thermography of Hamilton County” is opening-up in Fishers at Living With Intention. The medical director there, Doctor Stephen Elliott, says thermography uses a sensitive, infrared camera to find heat patterns. Elliott says, since inflamed, rapidly-growing tissues like cancers are “hotter” than normal tissue, thermography can give important clues leading to earlier cancer detection.

“Thermography gives us another opportunity for early detection, and earlier detection means earlier diagnosis which means better outcomes,” Elliott said.

Elliott says the technology doesn’t replace mammograms, but it could have an impact on younger people with a family history of breast cancer, with the potential to find an issue long before it would ever turn into a lump or mass.

“Mammograms involve radiation and look for structure abnormalities, thermograms don’t involve radiation. They look for functional abnormalities, metabolic abnormalities,” Elliott said.

“The software sophistication, the imaging, the immolation software has evolved to a level of sophistication that didn’t exist five years ago,” he said.

The grand-opening of the new medical thermography center runs from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday at 11979 Fishers Crossing Drive. For more information, click here.

Living with Intention is also partnering Pink Ribbon Connection to host a women’s golf outing on October 14th. To register, click here.

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