Police: women were shuttling drugs daily from Indianapolis to Bedford

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BEDFORD, Ind. (Sept. 30, 2015) -- Officers caught two women in the act of shuttling drugs every day from Indianapolis to Lawrence County on State Road 37.

"It's very disturbing," Bedford Police Chief Dennis Parsley said.

Kayla Hawk, 25, and Lisha Hillenburg-Ray, 33, face multiple felony charges.

Officers got a tip the two were involved in drug activity and traced their car, which was observed driving to and from Indianapolis every day. They stopped the car early Monday morning and found prescriptions pills inside, as well as eight grams of heroin in one woman's body cavity.

"It's an amount they can deal pretty quickly," Parsley said.

Parsley said the bust is indicative of the larger problem of drugs, particularly heroin, being pipelined down corridors like State Road 37 from Indianapolis into smaller communities.

"It's really scary. It's something that we have to think about," Bedford resident Chanel Wessell said.

Wessell, who has five kids at home, said she worries about big-city problems trickling into her town.

"I think it is a problem and it is something that has affected our family, not immediately, but other family members," Wessell said.

For Parsley and law enforcement, it's clear the problem is now everywhere. One of the women told officers she was being paid in heroin instead of cash, pointing to the common cycle that goes along with drugs and addiction.

"This is a huge issue for law enforcement. This is something that society is going to have to take care of because law enforcement, in and of themselves, can’t do it," Parsley said.

In addition, Parsley said the amount of heroin being trafficked is at unbelievable levels.

"We see heroin now in quantities that ten years ago, you couldn’t have found that much heroin in the whole county," Parsley said.

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