School security analyst: “It is best to be prepared”

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Thursday’s deadly shooting in Oregon brings back painful memories of other recent incidents, and also has security experts wondering what can be done to prevent attacks like this.

“Today’s events were very tragic,” said school safety analyst Stephen Satterly. “One of the things we can learn is about the total chaos that goes on during an event like this.”

Satterly says Thursday’s shooting shows why it's so critical for schools to have a plan. In this case, the former school president in Oregon says UCC didn't have armed security.

“If you’re going to have security, especially with higher education, it should be armed security,” said Satterly. “If they know there’s no armed guards there, it kind of makes it more likely they’re going to go there to do it.”

So what kind of security should schools and universities be putting in place?

“Target hardening, access control, making sure only people in the building are people who are supposed to be in the building,” said Satterly. “Schools are, by and large, very safe and they’re getting better because after these incidents they really do take a hard look at what they’re doing and they make improvements… It can happen here, it’s not likely to, but it’s one of those things, it is best to be prepared and have it never happen, then to have it happen and you’re not ready.”