Thousands of volunteers come together for ‘Indy Do Day’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (October 1, 2015) — Thousands of volunteers are coming together to make a difference in the circle city. They’re working on all kinds of community service projects for “Indy Do Day.”

The days for service run October 1-3 and projects vary — painting, gardening, working in local classrooms or handing out smoke detectors to families in need. There’s a long list of opportunities and anyone is welcome to join.

This is the third official year for “Indy Do Day,” but employees from Eli Lilly Company started the effort eight years ago as part of their day of service. Now, more than 8,000 people are signed-up for projects through Eli Lilly alone, joining other Hoosiers in projects throughout the city.

“We can all do projects on our own, but when we can come together, we have what’s called collective impact, and we can do far greater things when we’re working together for common goals,” said Lilly communication director David Marbaugh.

Marbaugh says it’s not too late for anyone to sign-up. For more information, click here.