Greencastle mother concerned her daughters drug use at a local park could harm others

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GREENCASTLE, Ind (Oct. 2, 2015)--A Greencastle woman reached out to FOX59 after finding used drug needles in Robe Ann Park, now a different woman is concerned her daughter could be to blame.

The woman, who we will call 'Jane,' says her teenage daughter is battling addiction--abusing meth and heroin for about three years. Jane claims her daughter would regularly use and exchange drugs at Robe Ann Park.

"The first thing that I saw was what if my child would have been using one of those needles and what if she were the ones who dropped it," said Jane.

Sarah originally brought the issue to FOX59 after finding a needle while playing with her son.

"I've seen needles, a few needles on the ground and it seems like it really started this summer," said Sarah.

After hearing that Sarah stumbled across a hypodermic needle in the park, it hit home for Jane.

What if an unsuspecting child started playing with the needle and it belonged to Janes daughter?

"It makes me feel horrible," said Jane. "If it doesn't affect their family they don’t think about it just like I did. I would have never thought it would have affected our family," said Jane

Jane claims that the majority of her daughter's drug use occurred at Robe Ann Park.

"The park is a meeting ground for all of this. They would go meet up and that’s where they would do drugs and pick up drugs," said Jane.

Now, Jane is hoping that other parents will step-up and do their part in fighting drug abuse.

"I’m hoping people will pay more attention and that people will not let there kids just go up there willy-nilly. It only takes one time and their life is down a rabbit hole," said Jane.

Jane says her teenage daughter is receiving treatment for her drug use.

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