Indianapolis man finds stolen camera for sale on eBay

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 2, 2015) - A downtown Indianapolis video production company was burglarized twice within four months.

Two men were caught on surveillance video breaking into Midwest Uplink on September 22. One man is seen smashing the front door with a crow bar. The owners said the men got inside without setting any alarms off, then they cut off the interior surveillance video.

"They knew exactly where they were going at this point," said Songbird Media Group Co-Owner Zach Rutledge.

Rutledge said that's because the suspected burglars were there a few months before. In May, they stole computers and camera equipment. This time, they stole at least six cameras and computers at a cost of more than $100,000.

"They grabbed a Mac Pro tower. They grabbed a 25 terabyte hard drive and the big thing is we had a Cannon C300 camera in here," Rutledge said.

Midwest Uplink owner, Paul Mpistolarides said he feels violated. The business has a security system that the burglars figured out how to bypass when they broke in.

"I feel like the burglars are targeting us. They know exactly when we are coming. They know exactly when we’re going and it’s scary because we feel like we’re being watched,” Mpistolarides said.

A few days after the burglary, Rutledge said he checked eBay to see if anything of the stolen items were being sold. He said he noticed a Cannon C300, very similar to the one that was stolen. He said there were scrapes and scuff marks consistent with the one taken, so he asked the seller to send a picture of the bottom of the camera.

“I could see the serial number listed and I matched it up to our inventory list and it matched, number for number, so I immediately knew that was 100 percent our camera listed on eBay," Rutledge said.

IMPD is investigating, but so far, they don't have any leads. Rutledge said he hopes police can trace the IP address and track down the seller before someone buys the stolen camera online.

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