Indianapolis woman arrested for alleged housing fraud scheme

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 2 2015) -- An Indianapolis woman was arrested and accused of ripping off the government. She is now facing multiple felony charges for alleged housing fraud.

According to court records, Vanessa Porter faces 11 counts of theft and forgery.

Prosecutors say Porter scammed taxpayers by signing up to get federal funds she had no right to receive. Porter signed a lease at the 16 Park Apartments and obtained federal assistance while also leasing multiple other apartments that netted housing funds.

“I ain’t never [sic] had section 8, so whatever you’re trying to get me on is some B.S.,” said Porter.

A number of undercover IMPD and Indianapolis housing officers arrested porter at East 42nd Street and Crittenden Avenue.

Before being taken to jail, Porter had some colorful words in her defense.

“I don’t live off f****** Section 8, so move the f****** cameras. It’s not no f****** housing fraud,” said Porter.

According to court records, Porter falsified her housing applications, because the law only allows one person to have one federally assisted home at a time.

This is not the first time Porter has found herself in handcuffs. Last year, police raided Porter’s apartment at 16 Park, seizing allegedly stolen televisions and stereo equipment.

“She ain’t even did nothing [sic] man,” said a man who called himself John Doe. “They already did something and let her go. That got threw [sic] out.”

Doe was in the car with Porter when she got arrested Friday.

He also claims the charges are as bogus as the name he gave us.

“I’m telling you she didn’t do nothing [sic]. What’s going on now happened last year and I don’t know why they decided to come and get her again,” said Doe.

Court records claim the alleged housing fraud totaled more than $17,000.

Porter was taken to jail on a $7,500 bond.

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