INDOT, I-69 Developer minimizing expected delays for Saturday’s IU football game against Ohio State

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. { October 2, 2015}   The Indiana Department of Transportation and the construction company upgrading  State Road 37 between Martinsville and Bloomington are working with the IU Athletic Department to minimize traffic disruptions for fans traveling to the football game on Saturday.

INDOT is extending green traffic lights along State Road 37,  and INDOT and I-69 developers are working to limit lane restrictions .  IU Athletics has also asked that any unnecessary barrier be removed while they will provide additional signage for fans entering and leaving the game.

Fans traveling to IU for Saturday’s 3:30pm  game against Ohio State are encouraged to use the following routes and other game day suggestions.

SR 37 Construction Update

There are several areas along SR 37 that are under construction and could potentially cause traffic delays. In addition to existing areas, this weekend SR 37 between Cooksey Lane and Burma Road near the Morgan/Monroe County line will have northbound traffic crossing to southbound travel lanes for about 2000 feet and then crossing back. This will make traffic one lane in each direction and vehicles must slow to 45 mph in this section. Traffic delays are expected on SR 37 both north and southbound on game day.

Identifying Alternative Routes

  • I-70 west towards 231-south and then State Highway 46 east into Bloomington (estimated travel time 1 hour and 30 minutes from Indianapolis). This route is not under construction and is also the alternative route suggested by INDOT and I-69 Developers for fans traveling to the game from northern and central Ohio.
  • State Highway 67 south to Spencer, then State Highway 46 east into Bloomington (estimated travel time 1 hour and 30 minutes from Indianapolis). On SR 67 through Spencer to 45/46, south of Mooresville, there is a 1 mile section where four lanes become two (one lane each direction).
  • I-65 south toward Columbus to State Highway 46 west into Bloomington (estimated travel time for this route 1 hour and 25 minutes from Indianapolis). There is construction on a 25 mile stretch on I-65 in the area between South I-465 and Edinburgh.
  • Fans travelling I-70 West to IN SR 3 in New Castle to SR 46 from Greensburg to Bloomington should know that SR 46 is closed just east of SR 7 on the southeast side of Columbus, between SR 7 and SR 9.

Encouraging Fans to Arrive and Get to Their Seats Early!

Fans are again encouraged to arrive early for tailgating so as to minimize traffic congestion along State Road 37 and other routes. Tailgate lots will be open at 7:00am. The Student Red Lot will open at 11:30am.

Game Day Traffic Pattern

Fans should be advised that the game day traffic patterns could be enacted as early as four hours before the 3:30pm kickoff.

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