‘Your Town Friday’ returns to Fishers!

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FISHERS, Ind. (Oct. 2, 2015) -- This morning "Your Town Friday" is heading to Fishers!  You'll find the Hamilton County city 16 miles northeast of downtown Indy!

Real guns and real recoil...but notice there are no bullets, no gunfire and smoke, no safety glasses and no ear protection.

"Being a retired navy seal, I have a doctorate in weapons handling and I noticed 700,000 people in Indiana have a carry permit and there's really no place to go get, what I feel is, good training...meaning they walk away truly confident handling a weapon.  So I was trying to imagine how I could be part of that and I came to the conclusion that using this technology would be the most effective way to do that," said owner of Poseidon Experience, Jesse Barnett.

Jesse Barnett runs the Poseidon Experience facility in Fishers.  The "experience" is all based on a curriculum with firearms, using digital technology with simulators historically only used with military and law enforcement, but Jesse has been able to bring it to the public.

"At a traditional gun range the limitations and anxiety associated with it don’t enable most people to get to a level of confidence.  That’s why here, we can do pretty much anything.  You go to an indoor range and there's a long list of what you can't do.  Here, that doesn’t exist.  We can pretty much do anything.  Limitations are the individual," said Jesse.

Jesse and his partner Scott work with both children and adults, beginners and professionals.

"Experts who spend thousands a year training...to beginners...to moms club who want a fun night out...bachelor parties...corporate executives...corporate training," said Jesse.

And for the folks who just want to have fun, you can turn up the beat and have fun with your friends!

Your first visit and orientation is $50, after that it's $38.

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If you travel up and down 116th Street in Fishers perhaps you've noticed this charming house.

"Tilly's Tea Room is an English tea room.  People come for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, wine, mimosas and afternoon tea.  We do kids parties, bridal showers and baby showers.  We also have a lunch menu so you can come for a spot of tea, you can come for lunch or you can come for a party," said owner Sharon Moore.

Now don’t let Moore's British accent intimidate you.  Inside of Tilly's Tea Room, you can give those pinkies a break!

"I think at Tilly’s Tea Room we encourage people to come visit us because we're authentic, we're English owned and I just want to put a modern spin on the tea room experience.  People think it’s the whole Victorian thing with the doilies and the lace but if you go to England it doesn’t have to be like that.  Tea rooms have moved with the times.  I think if you come to Tilly’s you get a nice relaxed atmosphere, you don’t have to wear pearls and it's a fun relaxed modern atmosphere," said Sharon.

For $10, this Saturday from 5 to 9 Tilly’s Tea Room is cooking up fish and chips outside, wrapped in newspaper served with mushy peas.

At Air-Tan in Fishers, they’ve been spray tanning people for years - everyone from locals to celebrities.

“I hated self-tanner to begin with, so if you ever said this is what I would be doing for a living, I would’ve laughed at you.  But this is amazing!  I had it done once and I said this is amazing!  I tweaked it until it was perfect,” said owner of Air-Tan, Angela Alney.

“We take self-tanner and apply it to your skin.  We custom apply it.  A person actually does the application, it’s a more even natural looking tan, we customize it exactly how you want, you don’t have to be too dark or too light,” said Angela.

This year they’re exclusive partners with the Colts cheerleaders! We were there as rookie cheerleader Sammy popped in for her spray.

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“We don’t want you to look like you’ve been spray tanned.  We want you to look like you’re tan.  You’ve been in the sun, you look natural, but you have all the health benefits of actually not being in the sun.  I have worked on my own custom formula so I’ve worked with actual DHA the chemical; we work with bronzers and other citrus oils to make it perfect.  I believe it’s the tanning solution that looks good on any skin tone.  It took a while to do that.  You can’t find it anywhere else.  It’s not on the market,” said Angela.

For all the DHA skeptics out there, Angela says the chemical has been approved by the FDA since the 60’s.  The solution doesn’t penetrate your skin; it just temporarily stains the top layers of your skin and then exfoliates off.

“Anything you breathe in a lot, you’re not going to want.  You don’t want to breathe in hairspray all day, every day.  We have a full ventilation system that’s pulling it up the whole time, but it’s not a harmful chemical,” said Angela.

Air-Tan also sells bronzing products and offers various specials through social media, email and text.

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