Speedway residents complain over water service interruptions without notice

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. (Oct. 22, 2015) - Some Speedway residents say they’re being left high and dry after their water service has been shut off several times without warning.

For the past couple of weeks, water service in the neighborhood just west of the track say their water has been shut off at least three times for several hours at a time.

Residents tell FOX59 they’ve been inconvenienced and haven’t been able to do laundry, take showers and have even had to fill bath tubs, jugs and containers with water in case it happens again.

Speedway’s town manager says the 70-year-old water main that runs along Georgetown Road developed a crack.

The main was fixed, then several other issues developed and water service was halted two more times.

The town put the word out online, but some residents still got a surprise when their faucets ran dry.

“The first time it caught my wife in the shower with soap in her hair and everything. She had to go to the gym and finish up taking a shower,” said Doug Thornton.

Speedway Town Manager Ian Nicolini says the town will post signs in the affected area, post notices online and send out e-alerts.

“We’ve taken, I think, the steps necessary to make sure if we have instances like this in the future, then we’re gonna provide as much notice as we can. We won’t hit 100 percent, but we wanna try and plan our shut downs with as much lead time as we can. I certainly apologize for any inconvenience to our customers. We want to be disruption free.  A part of that means we have to maintain the core infrastructure and sometimes that’s a challenge and problems will pop up,” said Nicolini.

Residents are also encouraged to call Town Hall at 317-246-4111 or the Speedway Police non-emergency phone number at 317-246-4300 for updates.