Hoosiers stranded in Mexico as historic hurricane makes landfall

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 23, 2015)-- As hurricane Patricia wreaks havoc in Mexico, some Hoosiers who just wanted to get away for a relaxing vacation are clicking their heels, wishing they were home.

"We've been scared to death. We didn't really think too much of it last night and then my husband's mom was calling us from 4:30 on this morning begging us to get out of here but there was no way out," said Mandy Tancak.

We talked to Tancak via phone. She's in Puerto Vallarta with her husband. They left their three kids home and took off on an early anniversary trip. The Cloverdale, Indiana couple just got in town last night, instead of a fancy resort they're in a school house 20 miles inland.

"I'm just very uncomfortable. It's a concrete school house, we're on concrete floors. They are carrying what looks like little blankets and orange cots so right now a few people here and there have chairs other people are just laying in the floors," said Tancak.

Then there's the Taylor family from the Noblesville area. They're also in Puerto Vallarta on a couples trip. At last check they were in this shelter area on the resort property.

"It's definitely scary. It's nervousness but I think we're all staying positive and we're just going to get through this," said Adam Taylor.

There are also those who were just hours away from taking off into the storm like FOX59 employee Veronica Lytle who's thankful she and her mom got trip insurance.

"We've been on the phone with the travel agency for most of the day trying to figure out what our trip insurance gets us. I should be able to be credited the full amount but there's still some hoops to jump through so I'm just glad I'm not there," said Lytle.

This hurricane comes as a shock to a lot of people along that coast because it became a category five storm in less than 48 hours.

At its peak, Patricia had sustained winds of 200 miles per hour, but those have dropped over the last few hours. Patricia is one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Thousands along the coast are fleeing inland. The airport in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta is closed.

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