Kellogg’s set to introduce new Pop-Tarts flavors

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(Oct. 23, 2015) –You’ll have to pay a little more attention to the Pop-Tart aisle when you head to the store this winter.

Kellogg’s is launching five new flavors starting in December. According to Delish, they range from salty and sweet (Maple and Bacon) to simply sweet (Chocolatey Caramel).

Here’s the rundown of Pop-Tart flavors:

Chocolately Caramel – Features a chocolate crust filled with caramel and topped with chocolate and caramel icing. Due in stores in December.

Maple Bacon – Golden crust with maple-bacon filling topped with white frosting. Features salty and smoky crunchy bits on top.

Frosted Watermelon – Bright pink and green frosting with watermelon center. Due in stores in December.

Frosted Spring Strawberry – The big idea from this offering is printed illustrations and cartoons on the frosting.

Pink Lemonade – Lemonade flavoring; topped with pink frosting and crunchy sprinkles. Due in April 2016.

The Watermelon and Chocolately Caramel flavors have been introduced before but were discontinued.

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