Despite report that bacon causes cancer, world’s oldest person says she eats it every day

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(Photo By: Debbie Egan-Chin/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

(October 27, 2015) – The world’s oldest living person clearly does not agree with the World Health Organization and their report about bacon causing cancer.

According to USA Today, Susannah Mushatt Jones became the world’s oldest person this past July.

The 116-year-old woman was born in Alabama on July 6, 1899, and she currently lives at a senior center in Brooklyn.

Jones says she is frequently asked about the secret of her longevity. So what’s her response? Bacon.

That’s right! Jones loves bacon. In fact, every morning for breakfast she eats four slices of the pork product!

According to USA Today, she even has a sign in her kitchen that reads: “Bacon makes everything better.”

This revelation may come as a surprise to the World Health Organization who released a report Tuesday saying that processed meats, like bacon, cause cancer.

Perhaps Jones has just been really lucky. Or maybe bacon really is the elixir of life. Either way, I don’t think Jones is going to stop eating bacon anytime soon!

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