Bar accused of offensive drink names

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By Dante Renzulli

Athens, GA (CNN) — A college bar is accused of giving offensive names to their drinks.

One copy of what is purportedly the bar’s drink mixing instructions for bartenders fell into the hands of someone who posted an image of it on social media.

Flagpole Magazine reports an employee of General Beauregard’s allegedly brought a list of drinks and their ingredients to a local copy shop to be laminated.

That’s when someone took a picture of the document featuring an item called a N*****ita. It’s a drink name that appears to be a combination of the N-word and margarita.

One of the ingredients is watermelon, which could be a reference to an archaic black stereotype.

The drink is something that people in downtown Athens speculate is only for people in-the-know because it’s not on any menus that are handed out to the public. The secret’s been kept so well that other bartenders at nearby businesses have never heard of it either.

CBS46 was unable to get in touch with the owner, but Flagpole Magazine did reach him for comment.

Flagpole Editor, Blake Aued, said the owner “made it sound like, if this was done, it was done without his knowledge, and he didn’t really know what the origins of this were.”

Tim Denson, president of the group Athens for Everyone, said he’s not buying that explanation.

Denson said, “I’m familiar with where the picture came from, and I am 100% positive that it is valid. Also, it’s not surprising. This is a Confederate themed bar. They had a Confederate flag sitting right behind me just weeks ago, until the shooting in South Carolina.”

It cannot be definitively proven that the bar serves a drink with that name, but if the list does belong to the folks at General Beauregard’s, they’re probably looking for a different place to get it laminated.

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