Gang workshop helps parents keep their children on the right path

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (October 31, 2015) -- Leaders from the Indianapolis Mayor's Office, prosecutor's office and IMPD gathered to give parents tips on how to keep their children out of gangs and out of trouble Saturday at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

IMPD Southwest District Commander David Hofmann said its never too early to start talking to your child about organized criminal activity, because gangs continue to target younger and younger children.

Here's a list of some tips for parents Hofmann gave to help keep your child on the right path.

  • Know your child's friends.
    • “If you don’t know who your kids are running around with and what they are doing. That may be an indication they are into some things they shouldn’t be," Hofmann said.
  • Monitor your child's social media accounts.
    • “The social media aspect of criminal gang activity is unbelievable right now. Not only in terms of promoting the lifestyle and communications, but in terms of advertising events," Hofmann said.
  • Pay attention to the doodles they do in school.
    • "Pay attention to that because that could easily be an indicator of the types they are involved with when they are not at school," Hofmann said.
  • Watch for large amounts of money or new items.
    • "If they don't have a job, you have to ask where are you getting the money for these things?" Hofmann said.