Secret in the woods: Some Hoosiers using state property for sex

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 2, 2015)-- There is a major secret resting on several state properties across Indiana, and the Department of Natural Resources is aggressively fighting back.

Indiana conservation officers are busting people for engaging in sexual acts in public.

Officer Angela Goldman: "Can you tell me what you were doing here today?"

Suspect: "I got an erection and I showed him my erection.”

Officer Goldman: "Have you ever been arrested for this before?"

Suspect: "At 71, I should know better.”

That conversation was between an Indiana conservation officer and someone looking for sex in the wrong place.

"There’s a lot of folks that use this property that have no desire to see that," said Goldman.

A high-traffic truck stop or seductive strip club might seem like logical meet-up spots for a chance encounter, but these anonymous acts are happening in blatantly public places.

"One of the problems we run into is that people do engage in sexual conduct on our properties," said Goldman.

While walking through Morgan Monroe State Forest, Goldman says some visitors aren't just hiking the trails and enjoying nature--instead they’re using state property illegally for the birds and the bees.

"Today we ran into a gentleman who exposed himself on state property," said Goldman

"I really don’t think it would be appropriate with young kids around," said state property visitor Sidney Bobb.

The suspect in question is caught in an undercover DNR sting.  He was charged with public nudity and indecent exposure.

"It’s an activity we absolutely do not condone and the only way we can combat that is to do it just the way we did it," said Goldman

The man pinched in the bust exposed himself to an undercover conservation office and admitted that he was looking to hookup in one of the  secluded shelters.

"Believe it or not, I've got a lot of clients who make six figures who have been caught in this situation," said Carol Juergensen Sheets, a certified sexual addictions therapist.

Juergensen Sheets works with people who are addicted to anonymous sex. She says it's fast, no strings attached and there is a high risk of getting caught.

"When they got caught it ruins their relationships, it ruins their jobs and it ruins their lives.  Many of my clients couldn't get jobs after that because they were seen as sexual predators in the park," said  Sheets.

Illicit sex isn't just happening in central Indiana . A similar bust recently occurred in Allen County. Eight people were arrested for public indecency, battery and public nudity. A TSA agent and well respected middle school teacher were among those arrested.

DNR officers say people looking for a meetup, will pull into isolated parking spots.  Often times they are near the secluded shelters and are by themselves.

"It can be secluded, but then the next minute there’s three kids and her mom come hiking up out of the woods,” said Goldman.

"If they want to go and do that, I’d say there’s a lot more appropriate places," said visitor Sydney Bobb.

Along with the charges that come with the arrest, the man who was arrested at Morgan-Monroe is banned from all state property for one year.

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