Hoosier Hospitality: Troopers, strangers, and church help stranded women

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Picture of the women's belongings

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (November 4, 3015) – Thanks to Hoosier hospitality, two women who were stranded now have a place to stay.

On Wednesday morning, two women were left stranded with all their belongings at a Speedway on SR 43 just south of CR 600 north.

While the women were deciding what to do, employees from the Speedway and Taco Bell came out to see what was going on, and they called the state police for guidance.

Trooper David Vido arrived at the Speedway and spoke with the women. The women identified themselves as Carole Kick of Ottawa, Illinois and Trish Karczewski of Monticello, Kentucky . They said they were trying to move Kick to Kentucky.

They hired a group of people to move Kick for a small fee, but when they got to the Speedway, the movers demanded more money.

The women explained that they didn’t have any more money, so the movers dumped all of their stuff in the parking lot and drove away.

Jared Olivetti, Pastor of nearby Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church, was contacted by a member of the congregation about the situation. He showed up and arranged for vehicles to pick up the women’s belongings and transport the items to the church.

State troopers, Taco Bell and Speedway employees, and strangers in the parking lot helped load all of their belongings into a van and three SUV’s. They transported the items to the church for safe keeping until other arrangements are made.

Olivetti gave the women money and also made arrangements with the Econo Lodge in West Lafayette.

“This is a wonderful thing that complete strangers are willing to help out someone in need,” Olivetti told Trooper Vido.  “We appreciate the Indiana State Police, Speedway and Taco Bell employees and complete strangers who stepped forward and helped these two ladies in distress!”