Marion County sees lowest voter turnout in over two decades

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Marion County saw 22.69 percent voter turnout

(November 4, 2015) – Despite abnormally warm weather and highly anticipated races like the Indianapolis mayoral race, very few Marion County voters showed up at the polls.

Out of the 663,209 registered voters in the county, only 150,451 people cast their ballots.

That means there was only 22.69 percent voter turnout. That’s the lowest voter turnout the county has seen in at least two decades.

In fact, you’d have to look at data earlier than 1991 to find voter turnout lower than this year.

Ultimately, the low turnout favored the Democratic party. Democratic candidate Joe Hogsett won the Indianapolis mayoral race, and the Democratic party maintained control of the City-County Council.

You can find a complete list of results for all the races here.