Authorities remain tight-lipped as investigation near Muncie continues

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2015) - The second day of a massive police search on a farm in rural Delaware County is wrapping up.

Investigators have been searching on the property of a large 140-acre farm in Gaston, near Muncie. The investigation is part of a court sealed search warrant. Investigators have still not said what they are looking for or if they have found anything.

The search is the result of a lengthy investigation by multiple agencies in Delaware County.

"This has been a really long and lengthy investigation. It’s ongoing," said Jeff Arnold, Delaware County Prosecutor.

Search and rescue dogs trained specifically for sniffing out lost or missing people were on scene Friday. A large excavator was also on the site. Arnold said many organizations are working together with various types of equipment and technology.

“We’re very specific on what we’re looking for and what we’re trying to do, but it’s going to take awhile as you’ve seen this is a large property and it’s going to be ongoing for awhile," Arnold said.

More than 100 officials were on scene Thursday, the first day of the search. Arnold said many were there for the purpose of security. He wanted to ensure residents that the scene is secure.

“People were concerned for this big of police presence, but there’s no threat what so ever to the community here," he said.

Police haven't said if they will continue their search through the weekend. Once they officially leave the property, the search warrant will expire.

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