Colts fans living on ‘Broncos Drive’ ready for Manning’s return

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FISHERS, Ind (Nov. 6, 2015)--When you live on Broncos Drive, It's easy to get excited about Sunday's game. The streets in one Fishers neighborhood are all named after NFL teams.

Chad Bailey invited us inside his Colts "man cave."  It only takes a few minutes inside his basement to realize that he is serious about his team.  From the logo painted on the wall to the framed jerseys lining the walls.

"I love living in the football themed neighborhood but I am season ticket holder for the Colts," said Bailey.

Bailey's Colts house sits on Broncos Drive, which just so happens to be the Colts opponent this weekend, and marks the return of Peyton Manning.

"I enjoyed Peyton here as a Colt but now he’s the enemy," said Bailey.

Some residents along Broncos Drive still have a soft spot for Manning.

"It’s going to make it very difficult to choose who I want to win that’s for sure," said Patricia Wilkins.

"I just like him because he is good at football and he is just nice," said James Smith

"I do live in Indiana, so no one shoot me, but I'm rooting for the Broncos. I love my Peyton. I can't help it," said Wilkins.

The developers intentionally did not create a Colts road because they feared the sign would get stolen.

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