Homeowners, County fight over who should fix crumbling road

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Residents who live on Petree Court in Hendricks County are in a battle over who should fix their pothole riddled road.

The road was torn up by last winter and no one seems to want to patch it up.

Neighbors who live there say it belongs to the County and has been maintained by the County for decades. However, according to Hendricks County Engineer John Ayers, Petree Ct. is actually a private road. He said records show it belonged to a couple who passed away a long time ago.

The County is willing to absorb the road, but residents first have to bring it up to County standards; a cost that could run between $11,000 to $12,000.

Most everyone that lives on Petree Ct. is retired, elderly, or on a fixed income. They also think the County is wrong.

"I’ve been here I know 47 years, and they’ve always taken care of it since I’ve been here," said Harold Smith.

Vara Crouse added, "It’s very, very unreal that they are doing us this way."

Residents are mostly worried about what might happen when it snows and someone on Petree has a medical emergency.

"If that ambulance couldn't get in here to help her, I think that would be a catastrophe," said Denny Williams.

Williams said he found a descendant of family the County claims owned Petree Ct. However, she told him her family did not own the road.

"She said as far as she knew they owned the property on the road, but they did not own the road," he said.

FOX59 contacted County Commissioner Bob Gentry who told us over the phone that he is personally trying to find donations to help pay for this year's repairs and snow removal.

He said he would give us an update next week.

If the County takes over the road as is now, Ayers said it would take 22 years for the County to get that money back through the gas tax. Ayers said that's something the County is absolutely unwilling to do.

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