Local health store first to bring Kombucha tea to Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2015)-- A local health food store owner is leading the way when it comes to an ancient drink that's regaining popularity in big cities. Nature's Pharm is the first location in Indiana to sell Kombucha tea. It's a fermented green or black tea that's said to be loaded with health benefits.

"It's a naturally carbonated sweet and tangy drink that has healthy probiotics, enzymes, things that can help with intestines," said Nature's Pharm owner Matt Smith.

The ancient tea is about 2000 years old, it's recently made a comeback in health food stores. Smith says the drink is his new secret weapon.

"Due to competition, big box stores moving in we knew we needed to try something different to make us unique again. This made total sense," said Smith.

Customers can choose from up eight different flavors on tap. The tea is fermented with yeast and is chock full of probiotics, which means there's a little alcohol in this health drink too. But it's not like drinking on the job.

"The FDA regulates less than a half percent. So kind of like fermented sauerkraut or your fermented foods in that similar guideline," said Smith.

Researchers say Kombucha detoxifies the body and helps with digestion, sleep and joint pain.

"Everyone has their own feeling they're getting out of it. Detoxification. So come January when we're trying to get through our new year resolutions this will be a good opportunity to try Kombucha."

Flavors include ginger, apple cider and cran-raspberry.

Nature's Pharm is set to open stores in Greenwood and Lafayette.

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