Thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of camping equipment from Indy Boy Scouts

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2015)-- Police are searching for the people who stole thousands of dollars’ worth of camping equipment from a Boy Scout troop on the east side.

“I do not believe they knew that this contained equipment from a Boy Scout group. You would hope that no one would steal from a Boy Scout troop,” said IMPD Lt. Richard Riddle.

The incident happened last week when Boy Scout troop 161 arrived to their meeting at an East side church to find their 15 foot trailer had vanished from the parking lot.

“The trailer was secured on the hitch and the doors were locked but they cut them and took it,” said troop leader Brian Shaw.

Inside of the trailer was all of the troops camping supplies, including tents, cookware, lanterns, and tools needed to brave the great outdoors. The Boy Scouts were shocked that their equipment was stolen.

“They show up that night for a meeting and their trailer is gone,” said Shaw.

Brian Shaw is frustrated, not just about the crime, but the impact this has on the scouts. Troop 161 is made up of boys ranging from 11 to 17 years-old who play an active role in the community.

Although the scouts were upset about losing their supplies, they will not let the thieves ruin their next camping trip. Troop 161 is now asking the community for help. Looking to raise money to get back their supplies so they can keep their troop active and have enough equipment for every Boy Scout.

“These things happen and unfortunately it happened to us this time and we will learn and hopefully teach the boys how to deal with things like this and then move on,” said Shaw.

If you would like to donate camping supplies to Troop 161, click here.

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