‘Your Town Friday’ travels to Fletcher Place!

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(Nov. 6, 2015) -- Throughout the month of November “Your Town Friday” is featuring Indy neighborhoods!  This morning we travel to Fletcher Place!  You’ll find the community just a mile southeast of downtown Indy.  Fletcher Place is still up and coming and there are a lot of new businesses that have popped up within the last year or two…including Chilly Water Brewing Company!

"I've been a brewer now for about five years.  Dan is our brewer.  My timing was right.  I decided I wanted to do it on my own, the way I wanted to do it.  I worked for other people who owned breweries and it was fine but I just had a vision I wanted to do and I wanted a restaurant as well," said Skip DuVall, owner of Chilly Water Brewing Company.

Skip opened the business off Virginia Avenue just over a year ago and already they are super popular.  This summer they won the Indiana Brewer’s Cup for "Indiana Brewery of the Year" at the State Fair.

"We keep our pilsner and IPA on tap all the time, everything else rotates, so if we brew it now we won't brew it again for a year.  We try to keep seven to eight beers on tap all the time.  They vary.  We're into lagers.  A lot of places don’t have lagers all the time but we always have at least two lagers on tap and we think in colors.  We always try to have a darker beer, medium, and lighter and just kind of keep the colors going that way you have all different styles," said Skip.

Brew master Dan Krzywicki handles all of that, but Chilly Water is more than craft beer!  As Skip tells us, he wanted a full restaurant too, which is something unique for a brewery to have.

"We started with panini’s.  I've always liked flat sandwiches since I was a kid, and it's grown a little bit.  We have an Italian beef, we do a Chicago-style hotdog, we do salads, soups, the chili is fantastic and our one dessert is 'Skips Balls,' they're little chocolate desserts.  They're fantastic so from the beginning we’ve had that," said Skip.

The vibe inside is very laid back and there is live music on Friday and Saturday nights!

"I'm hit up five to ten times a week by bands all over the country.  It's incredible how many people are touring who want to come play so it's nice to be choosy," said Skip.

In fact the name Chilly Water comes from a popular song by Widespread Panic.

"I've been in touch with their management company.  I've sent them t-shirts and glasses and they're coming to town in February.  I've got to get them here!  This has got to be the only brew pub in the country named after one of their songs," said Skip.

Just across the street...Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery!

"Fletcher Place is a historic neighborhood.  This building is a historic building and we were actually looking for something that was close to downtown, in walking distance to the circle and Lucas Oil and the cultural trail has had a huge impact on folks coming this far down," said owner Travis Barnes.

For years Travis Barnes and his wife had been making their own whiskey and sharing it with family and friends.  Just over a year ago they decided to open their own business, Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery.  You can find it along Virginia Avenue in a really neat historic building.

"The building was built in 1890 and it was originally a carriage house and a funeral parlor that sat in front of the building.  This is actually where they would’ve stored the hearse buggy.  In the 20th century it was everything from a car dealership to a tool shop and industrial HVAC testing facility.  We got it, it sat vacant for 30 years, there were no windows, no doors, no electric, no plumbing so we had a blank canvas to start with.  From there we really took it back to its bare bones and left it very "as is" in a way.  My dad built the fireplace.  I think the feeling people get when they come in here is very come as you are," said Travis.

Their seasonal drink menu can be found on a giant chalkboard.

"Right now we make gin, vodka, rum, moonshine, limoncello and our whiskey.  We do craft cocktails.  We just had our menu change.  It's seasonal.  Our most popular drink for the summer was our Gin Bravo.  Blackberries are out of season, so we're switching over to our fall/winter type menu so our Rum Cider is probably our best, most favorite drink right now," said Travis.

They don’t serve food, although you’re certainly allowed to bring food over or have it delivered, right now the focus is on crafting cocktails that will excite your taste buds!

"I think I can kind of compare it to the foodie scene a little bit instead of just your general standard gin and tonic.  Mixologists are coming up with new and interesting ways to enjoy spirits.  We try to focus on our spirits here by building things around them that pair well with our spirits and our gin.  With the Gin Bravo I never thought blackberry and basil would be a good combo with gin until I tried it, but now it's my guilty pleasure," said Travis.

And be sure to stop in and say hello to Hotel Tango’s resident cat…Fletcher who is half Bobcat!  He even has his own Twitter account!

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