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Grandmother kidnapped by great-grandson: ‘I don’t know how you could do that to me’

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Kennewick, WA (November 7, 2015 via KPTV) — An 86-year-old woman who was kidnapped and driven for hundreds of miles in her own trunk is speaking out about the incident.

Hazel Abel is back home safe in Kennewick, Washington, after police said her own teen great-grandson and two friends kidnapped her and drove her all the way to the Portland area.

Hazel said she didn’t know who it was during the entire ride and the whole time she was praying they would run out of gas because she was sure they were going to kill her.

“I’m extremely tired. I’m confused. I don’t know what else to say.”

Hazel said it happened Monday night. She was getting ready to watch Dancing With the Stars when she heard something at the door.

“I opened the door and they threw dirt from the flower bed right in my face.”

She said someone grabbed her and put her on her back in the entryway of her home.

“Then they put their hands over my mouth because I was screaming. Over my mouth and my eyes and I never saw anybody.”

Now, Hazel knows who it was.

Police said her own 16-year-old great-grandson, Dylan Martin, and two friends were the people at the door.

“I don’t know how you could do that to me. We are family.”

Police said the teens taped Hazel’s hands together, tied a piece of ribbon through her mouth and put an apron over her head.

Hazel said she put up a fight until they gave her Tessa, her dog. Then the teens put Hazel and Tessa in the trunk.

“Seems like we went for hours.”

6 hours to be exact. Police said the teens drove her all the way from Kennewick, WA to Wood Village, just east of Portland.

“I had no idea where I was, where they were going to take me and what they were going to do once they got me there, because I thought they would kill me.”

Hazel didn’t know it at the time but the teens had taken the butcher knife from her kitchen with them.

“I had told Dylan that I love him and things but I guess that doesn’t matter.”

During the ride, Hazel worked on getting her hands free. She felt around the trunk then when the car stopped she made her move.

“I come under whatever it was that fit in my hand and I pulled it, and when I pulled it the lid came up.”

Hazel was at a Walmart in Wood Village. She ran inside to employees, who called 911.

Hazel said she doesn’t know if she could ever forgive her great-grandson.

“I have to understand why. I just cannot understand why and the only reason I can give for it is that they wanted my money and they wanted my car.”

Hazel was not physically harmed during the kidnapping.

Dylan Martin and 15-year-old Billy Underwood will be tried as adults on kidnapping charges. The 14-year-old girl with them is facing a lesser charge.

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