Hoosier Heroes: Roommates giving back to help homeless veterans

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INDIANAPOLIS (November 9, 2015) - They’re friends and roommates who’ve been through many of the same struggles.

And now these two Army veterans are giving back to help others who’ve been through similar challenges.

“I became homeless,” said Jim Royer. “I lost my wife and went through a bad spell of depression and everything.”

“I hit rock bottom,” said Paul Minnick. “I was homeless, staying at Wheeler Mission.”

“I met a nurse when I was on the streets,” said Royer. “She found I was a veteran and hooked me up with HVAF.”

And while getting help from the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation, they found a place to live- and a job painting houses.

“This is probably the best friend I’ve ever had,” said Royer. “He’s helped me through a lot of stuff.”

“They helped us out so much and all we want to do is give back a little bit you know,” said Minnick.

And that's why they're here again at HVAF on this day, volunteering to help other veterans who've been through the same struggles, and using their skills to help paint for fellow veterans staying at the HVAF shelter Downtown.

“I tell you, I don’t know where I’d be without this people,” said Minnick.

“This place has helped me out so much (and) got me back on my feet, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know where I would be,” said Royer.

“The people out there struggling, whether it be with addiction, depression or homelessness, giving up hope: Don’t do that! There are so many resources out there for you that you don’t know about it, because I didn’t know about them,” said Minnick. “To all those people, don’t give up hope, there’s so many people willing to help you and get you back on track.”

You can find more information about HVAF of Indiana on the organization’s web site.