Teens using ‘ghost apps’ to conceal nude photos for sexting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 9, 2015)-- Teens are sexting right under their parents noses and using secret apps to exchange explicit photos on their smartphones.

Lock it up in the vault and throw away the key, that's the philosophy behind "ghost apps" that allow you to store explicit content no one will ever see unless you send it to them. Such apps are behind a sexting scandal at Canon High School in Colorado where students exchanged hundreds of naked photos.

"That is was like a game. Just basically that girls traded photos like trading cards," said one Canon High parent.

Teens are getting savvy and staying off the radar with secret apps.  We found one called KYMS. It looks like a calculator but after you set up two passwords you enter a secret vault where you can store photos, videos, and even hidden browser history.

"Everyday there's new apps coming out and it's part of our job to try to keep up with it--so we can arm the parents with the tools they need to at least start the dialogue with their kids," said Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Nakeina Cane.

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office put on a free Internet safety class for concerned parents Monday night. Parents and even grandparents are feeling lost in the digital age.

"Be able to have access on their phones or on their computer when they come over, our grandchildren," said grandparent Elizabeth Martin.

The prosecutor's office says don't take your teens phone away, but have open dialogue so they trust you. While some of the students in the Colorado sexting scandal could face felony porn charges, also let your kids know the lasting footprint they could leave behind.

"Treat social media as if it's a professional resume. What you put out there you make sure it's something you want colleges to see, future employers to see because it does become apart of you," said Cane.

The list of secret vault apps is growing everyday. However, Mashable compiled a list of apps that allow you to hide sexy photos. To get familiar with how some of the operate and what parents should look for, click here.