UPDATE: Tree trimmer finishes job at Carmel home

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UPDATE: After FOX59 asked about the job, Havens said he would come out immediately to finish. He made good on that promise Wednesday, with a crew showing up to complete the work.

CARMEL, Ind. - A Carmel family paid hundreds of dollars for tree trimming, but what they got was a job half done.

Beth Ann Ross and her husband hired Ronnie Havens from Pro Cuts Tree Care and Landscaping on October 19th. They paid him about $800 to take down a tree and trim the branches of another tree.

However, Beth Ann Ross said Havens only did some of the work, but then said his chain broke on the saw and left.

"He left his trailer here for a couple of days which I’m assuming was collateral and then he came and got his truck and that was it," she explained. "He took our money and ran. He did half the job. My husband has called him asking for our money back. No response."

FOX59 tracked Havens down on the phone. He told us his chain was broken and he needed to order a new part. He said he was told by Ross' husband to take his time.

"I explained to him what happened. He said 'That’s fine as long as it gets done. I’m in no hurry.' I told him as soon as a I got the chain you know we’d be out to finish the job," Havens told FOX59.

When we spoke with Ross' husband, he told us he's been trying to contact him for weeks to come finish the job.

Havens promised FOX59 he would be back out to finish the work immediately.

"The job will be done this afternoon and no later than first thing in the morning.”

Ross said she's learned her lesson. She has already called the Attorney General's Office.

"I will never pay anyone up front until the job is completed."