Veterans Day celebrated in Carmel

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 10, 2015) – Many celebrations throughout central Indiana area scheduled this week to give communities the chance to say “Thank you” to our veterans.

Tuesday in Carmel, several hundred people turned out for the city’s annual celebration at the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre.

“Knowing that this great City of Carmel Indiana supports the military is just an absolute job to get to talk to them and tell them thank you as they thank those that are wearing the cloth of our nation,” said Corporal Billy Franklin, Commanding Officer for the Navy Operational Support Center in Indianapolis.

The Veterans Day program included patriotic songs and keynote speeches from veterans. Children and teenagers from local-Carmel elementary schools presented their contest winning, veteran-focused posters and essays.

“Sometimes we don’t think our kids are paying much attention and I think that our freedom is threatened so much today,” said Retired Corporal Stan Sippel.  “It is really refreshing to know that there’s an awareness out there.”

Each veteran was asked to stand and approach the stage to be recognized for their service. The ceremony concluded with Taps.

“We’ve spent a some long times overseas doing some amazing things for this Country,” said Commander Billy Franklin. “It’s all because we have the support of those right here in Carmel, Indiana, and we sure appreciate it.”