Lawnmower racing gaining momentum in Indiana

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CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ind. - In Indianapolis, folks watch Indy Cars zip around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but down in Crawford County, Hoosiers watch lawnmowers race.

Think what you will, lawnmower racing is another slice of Indiana that makes this state so special. And who knew racing mowers was actually gaining momentum?

Tom Price said it all started as something fun among a group of friends.

"Started off as just a couple of guys horsing around in people's backyards on stock riding mowers and it's grown from there,"

Your average lawnmower at the store only runs about six to seven miles per hour. Price said the machines at the track can reach top speeds of 60 to 70 miles per hour.

"We built different front ends for them. Lower them" said Chris Wells as he showed us his souped up ride.

People will spend all kinds of money to make them go fast. Price put in close to $5,000 in his last lawnmower between the chassis and engine.

Did it work out for him?

"It was only beat one time in three years," he laughed.

Lawnmower racing is gaining momentum across the country. There's even a national association that operates as the sanctioning body for lawnmower races.

"We're figuring by next year our number is probably going to double what it was last year," said Price about the interest in his neck of the woods.

It's definitely not the ordinary, but it is some good old fashion Hoosier fun.

"If you're a racer, you're a racer and it doesn't matter what it is."

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