Elderly couple tied up, robbed at gunpoint in Morgan County home

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MORGAN COUNTY (November 18, 2015) - The Morgan County Sheriff's Department is searching for at least three suspects in a home invasion robbery in which an elderly couple were tied up and threatened at gunpoint.

The robbery happened around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon in the 500 block of Letterman Road in Paragon.  A 74-year old woman says she answered a knock at the front door to find two men standing there.

“Two guys were at the door and they told her there was a car stuck in the field,” said the victims’ son, who did not want to be identified.  “As she turned around to look out the window, they put a gun in her face.”

According to the homeowners, the men forced their way into the home while holding the gun to the woman’s head.  Then they located the 78-year-old husband while he was shaving in the bathroom.

“I was shaving, getting ready for a doctor’s appointment when the guy was suddenly standing there,” the husband said.  “He had the gun to my head and said ‘Don’t move you mother (expletive).’”

The woman was tied with zip ties around her wrists and held on the front porch.  Her husband was tied with zip ties and forced to lie on the bathroom floor.

“She could hear them kind of roughing him up a little bit, once they got him zip tied and on the ground,” the victims’ son said.  “They wanted to know where cash money was at.”

“They were in the house for about 20 minutes,” the husband said.

The husband says the suspects took his wallet, five or six guns, a big screen TV, and a jewelry box that also contained his hearing aids.

After gathering the stolen items, the suspects prepared to leave in a silver SUV.  But before leaving, they took steps to make sure they weren’t followed.

The husband said one suspect set an alarm clock in a bedroom and told him to wait an hour and a half before getting off the floor.

But the couple didn’t wait that long.  As soon as the suspects were gone, they husband freed himself from the zip ties and called police.

The husband said somebody has already tried using his stolen credit cards at several locations in Indianapolis.  He and family members hope surveillance video from those stores will provide police with pictures of the suspects.

The wife and husband said they did not recognize any of the suspects.  One of them was wearing a ski mask; the other two did not conceal their faces.

Family members suspect the suspects may have targeted the house, believing they would find large amounts of money from a business the couple used to operate.

“They probably didn’t realize they haven’t been running (the business) for a couple years now,” the victims’ son said.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Morgan County Sheriff's Department.

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