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Meet Pam Kelshaw, the Community Hero For November

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(November 18, 2015) -- Every parent fears getting that call and rushing to the hospital. Pam Kelshaw's 17-year-old-daughter was killed 12 years ago by a drunk driver.

Just 18 months ago her nephew Jesse Sperry was killed by an off duty police officer driving impaired. Pam decided to take that unbearable pain and use it to change lives, ultimately saving other innocent people from dying at the hands of an impaired driver. She says, "I don't want anybody else to hurt like this."

Today, Pam is a Victim Impact Specialist volunteering countless hours of her personal time to talk with impaired and drunk driving offenders. “People who've been arrested, convicted and sentenced to probation are court ordered to attend a victim impact panel. I get up and tell my story and share my videos of the loss of my daughter and my nephew. They're actually getting to see my daughter from birth to the day she died and they get to see the vehicle that she died in and they get to see her face on her grave stone."

Pam's husband Chris says,"It's like a therapy for her," meaning their daughter's life is now serving to hopefully stop other people from driving impaired. Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD, says the organization has never had a volunteer who contributes more time, more passion, and more energy to this mission.

Not only does Pam speak at Victim Impact Panels, she also rides with deputies' conducting checkpoints and talks to people when they're being arrested.

For Pam, she is keeping her daughter's and her nephew's memories alive while giving of herself, hoping to make sure other families don't endure the pain her family continues to live with.

On behalf of Fox 59 and Community Health Network, we honor Pam Kelshaw as the November Community Hero of the Month.

Additionally, MADD is hosting a National Day of Rememberance on December 3 at the State Capitol building to honor those who have been killed or injured in drunk and drugged driving crashes. The event starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m.

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