Wet road paint damages truck, Indianapolis man turns to city for help

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (Nov. 18, 2015)--An Indianapolis man says his new truck is now covered in yellow road paint.

Glenn Russell made a costly left turn across yellow lines near the intersection of 16th Street and Tibbs in April. Now,  his blue pick-up now has traces of yellow.  As the months have passed, Russell is growing frustrated and wants the city to step in.

We met Russell after a day of work and his truck was covered in mud. He took a hose and washed the truck down and as the mud fell off, a layer of splattered yellow paint appeared.

"It’s everywhere.  What you see is yellow paint all over what was my new truck," said Russell.

Russell purchased his new $15,000 truck in April.  It was just two weeks old and he was still waiting for a permanent plate.

"I took my finger across it and it wasn't coming off," said Russell.

Russell drove through fresh yellow road paint. To this day, the paint is canvassed on the side doors , the tires, bumpers and lodged in the wheel well

"There were no paint trucks, no paint signs or nothing.  So now I’m just stuck with a blue and yellow truck,"  said Russell.

Russell contacted the city through the Mayor's Action Center and wrote a detailed letter outlining his experience.  He was hopeful that the city would step in and cover some of the costs, but he is quickly losing that hope.

"This is not cheap to fix either.  The cheapest estimate I got was over $4,000."

A spokesperson for the mayor's office says they have a record of the claim and corporation counsel was in the process of tracking down the claim.

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